Google Search Ads

According to official statistics, more than 65% of consumers are researching products online before they buy a product. Placing your ads on Google will play an invaluable role in developing your brand.

Google ads and healthy competition

Web site, which is considered to be a business card, comes with the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign, which takes 3 to 12 months and more. When you advertise on Google, you get even more visibility within 24 hours with a lower budget. This has also made Google ads a healthy and equal platform for competing with large business owners who have sufficient market share.

Keywords option and correct target

The main way to succeed in the marketing sector is through a common “language” of the buyer and the seller. According to a search query written by a buyer in Google search engine, the right keywords (keywords) that match your activity will bring you closer to the potential buyer. For this reason, it is extremely important to determine what buyer keywords are the potential customer for your business. At this point, we will take a closer look at your target mass, develop keywords that match their query, and change and improve those keywords according to their effectiveness.

Exit to the world

With Google Search Ads, you can promote your brand not only in Azerbaijan, but also in many countries around the world. On the eve of the tour, people are trying to find out about the country they will be traveling with, as well as the hotels, restaurants and other services available. This is an invaluable opportunity for business people working in the services and entertainment sector. At a time when tourists are becoming increasingly interested in our country, offer your services or products while they are in their home countries.

Select a locale

Choosing the right location is important for the development of your business as well as choosing the right location. customers who need your service will be provided first with the Google search engine.

See on Google map

Significant increase in the use of navigation devices in recent years is one of the factors that should be visible on Google Maps. In many cases, a map appears in front of Google. These maps can easily find the location of your office or store where your customer, service, or product is offered. By gaining visibility on the map, you can significantly increase your brand awareness.

Plan your advertising time

Another important feature of Google search engine is the pre-selected timing of ads. By doing this, you are free from the extra costs of advertising only during your working hours. This property is indispensable for privately-operated night markets, pharmacies and clinics.

Performance Measurement

When you place ads on traditional advertising models (TV, radio, newspapers, banners, etc.), it is very difficult and sometimes impossible to know how many people your ad is seeing (heard), but sometimes impossible. online ads allow you to track all the activity that your customer has displayed on your page from the moment you view or click on the ad. Thus, you can determine which ads you post are more effective and which keywords perform better.

Brand recognition

Business owners in our country and around the world spend a significant amount of money to promote their brands. Undoubtedly, people’s familiarity with these brands is turning their back on business owners as a gain.